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Stop your searching … you’ve found a high quality dentistry service.

“While being Evergreen residents, my family and I started as patients of Dr. Matthew Bunchman in October 2008. I find Dr. Bunchman and the staff at Premier Dental of Evergreen to possess outstanding professionalism for all dental services. The staff makes you feel welcome by their attentiveness to your comfort level “in the chair” and you receive ‘peace of mind’ from their diligence to obtaining all entitled benefits your dental insurance policy permits. Dr. Bunchman stays current on the latest technological and medical enhancements through his attendance at numerous Dentistry CME (Continuing Medical Education) conferences. You will experience this knowledge via his very thorough approach to your dental needs at your office visits. Not only do you get his recommendations to your dental needs, but he will also present possible options available to you; of which will include the least invasive approach.

“Upon my eldest son’s acceptance into a parochial high school, a move of residence ‘down the mountain’ to the Denver metro area as best interest of my children’s educational purposes was in order. I started to think about getting situated in the Denver metro area during the family residential relocation. When it came to a ‘new’ dentist, I thought about how completely thorough Dr. Bunchman was … even with his choice of what to name his practice. It’s one thing to choose a ‘catchy’ name but it’s another thing to have a ‘meaningful’ name validate that chosen name with Actions! Stop your searching … you’ve found a high quality dentistry service – Premier Dental of Evergreen.

“My children and I are still making a 41 mile (one-way) trip up the mountain to the office so that we’re in the dental care of Dr. B and staff.”

– Lou Polletti

Evergreen is very lucky to have Dr. Bunchman and his staff here!

“Throughout the past decade, I have lied in various locations and naturally have required quality dental care in each place I have lived. My standards for a good hygienist and a good dentist are very high and I have left dentists because of this. From the first time I met Dr. Bunchman, I realized I was in the care of a dentist of superior standards. He uses cutting edge techniques, the latest in office technologies, and a passion to help people with their dental care. But what really struck me was how he explained things to me in a very straightforward, yet comprehensive manner.

“The work I had done on my crown was excellent – I was in and out of the office in just a few hours. Dr. Bunchman provided a professional and seamless transition for my dental needs. He is very knowledgeable about the latest procedures and I feel confident knowing I am getting the right advice. The dental hygienist is experienced and highly competent. The staff, including Robin at the helm, are also very competent, friendly, and caring. I am very happy with my choice to use Dr. Bunchman and his office staff. Honestly, Evergreen is very lucky to have Dr. Bunchman and his staff here!”

– Dayna Klein

That evening Dr. Bunchman called us to how we were feeling!

“My wife and I recently had the need for dental work: me a failing old filling and my wife needed a crown. Despite late notice and a busy schedule, Dr. Bunchman was able to squeeze us in. Dr. Bunchman’s patience and attention to detail was superb, not letting me out of the chair until I was completely satisfied with my bite post-filling. My wife’s crown was done in one procedure and she was extremely pleased with his excellent work. That evening, Dr. Bunchman called us to how we were feeling! It’s comforting to know that there are doctors out there that value patient’s well-being so highly.”

– Andrew Synchef

If I do have a problem, he really LISTENS to what I am saying.

“I was asked recently if I was happy with my dental office. Yes, I am. Matthew Bunchman, DMD is excellent: I have confidence in his knowledge and skill. He has done several major restorative procedures for me. They were all done quickly, painlessly and with a good result. If I do have a problem, he really LISTENS to what I am saying. His staff is friendly and compassionate. I am a former chairside dental assistant (20 yrs.) so I think I know what to look for in a dental office. This is a good one!”

– Cathy Kalinowski

Dr. Bunchman and his staff were patient, encouraging, and very professional.

“When I first came to Dr. Bunchman, my mouth was in need of a makeover! In spite of regular preventive dental care, the years had taken a toll. My teeth were worn, crooked, and discolored; I had become very self-conscious about my smile. I had tried a number of remedies – several different whitening techniques and even Invisalign® to straighten my teeth. These efforts improved the situation somewhat, but did not produce results that were totally satisfactory to me. I was frustrated and discouraged.

“Dr. Bunchman helped me see that it was possible to address the underlying issues causing my problems and to improve my bite and the appearance of my teeth. He explained what could be done to transform my mouth and provide a lasting solution. I was full off questions – even brining him several pages of typed questions, which he patiently and carefully answered. So with excitement and some apprehension on my part, we began. Dr. Bunchman and his staff were patient, encouraging, and very professional throughout the process. They listened to my concerns and took the time to get it right.

“What Dr. Bunchman was able to do for me has been transformational for me in many ways – and I am delighted with the results! My new smile looks so natural, and to me it seems perfect. I didn’t realize how self-conscious I had been before. Now I can’t stop smiling and I welcome opportunities to meet and talk with people.

“Thank you Dr. Bunchman for giving me back my smile and my confidence!”

– Jane Quinn